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Born in Hollywood, CA and lived within a fifty mile radius my whole life. I have been around fast cars and fast women my whole life! Worked as a mechanic/technician at Beverly Hills Porsche and my father managed money for movie stars. This has allowed me to meet some of my favorite stars and wine and dine at lots of very fun places. My life has always been focused around all sorts of sports and racing. Off Road (Baja), UTV Racing, Watercraft Racing, Off Shore Boat Racing, Motorcycle (Motocross and Desert) and love Open Wheel Racing! Been to Long Beach Grand Prix all 35 years – haven’t missed one event. Go LAKERS!!!

I was single (dating) until I married at 49 years old to my wonderful wife Vivian and we live in the hills in Los Angeles where we do a lot of photo shoots. It is Horse Country and our neighbors even have Goats, Chickens. Roosters, Lamas, and weirder animals you would never think you would see in Los Angeles County. We also have a vacation home in Lake Havasu Arizona and go often. There we enjoy the lake either Boating or Jet Skiing. We also go out in the desert on our Quads or Rhino.

Racing has taken me all around the US and I have also been to many other countries. Japan and China being places I need to go back to and enjoy the beauty of the land and enjoy the friendliness of the people from these countries. Then again, Europe I need to revisit again and take more time shooting pictures and enjoying the history.

I purchased my first Nikon more than 25 years ago. I have been pretty much loyal to Nikon until the first digital cameras were introduced. Then I bought a Sony Mavica 2.1 Mega Pixel Digital Still Camera that writes to a Mini CD. It also has a pretty decent Video Recorder as well. Since then I found the need for a smaller pocket size camera and have purchased a couple Sony Cyber Shots. Five years ago I bought my first real DSLR the Nikon D-70 and this is when I started really taking photography seriously. After building a few web sites and sharing my pictures with my family, friends and customers is when I started to get really hooked on photography. Many of my friends have been asking me to go places with them to shoot pictures of events and parties. A couple years ago when my Sony Cyber Shots started to fail I picked up a Nikon Cool Pix, this is an okay camera for quick (Grab that shot) pictures. Recently I purchased a Nikon D-90 and I only had it for a couple weeks before I decided it wasn’t that much of a jump from my D-70 so I picked up a new Nikon D-300S. Today, I am reading every book on how to master the Nikon D-300S and practicing shooting portraits of my wife and her girlfriends.

Life is good…